There are ways to save money from online scams, not just by following rules

As a result of the Corona epidemic, all kinds of activities are going on online. Schoolwork, office work, bank work, shopping, etc. are being done online from home. There are various types of apps in the market. All those apps are being linked to their own bank account. As the demand for all these activities online is increasing day by day, so is the online scam. Bank money is being swindled through online scams. But with a little caution, it is possible to protect yourself from all these online scams. Let’s take a look at some ways to save money from online scams. (Report scammed bitcoin)

Phones and messages from unknown sources cannot be clicked: –

Their phone service providers, network companies never call or text from an unknown number to offer tech support. If anything, it should be avoided. Also, if any such message is received, you should not click on the link of that message. No such message is sent on behalf of the bank. So keep yourself away from all these fake phones and fake messages.

Beware of Cryptocurrency and Gift Card: –

If someone says that they have to pay any fee through Cryptocurrency and Gift Card, then they should be careful about that. Because there is a possibility of hacking the account. Beware of Bitcoin and gift cards from an unknown source. (Report scammed cryptocurrency)

Invalid apps cannot be downloaded: –

Software and apps should not be downloaded from any third-party website or any unknown link. These should always be downloaded from official websites, official app stores, and legitimate platforms. You should take a good look at his reviews before downloading. It is possible to keep yourself away from online scams only if you do this carefully.

Personal information cannot be shared: –

The first thing to know is that users are not called from banks or anywhere else to get personal information. This is what unscrupulous people do. So you should not share your personal details, such as password, OTP, Aadhaar card number, etc. with anyone. (Recover scammed bitcoin)

It is possible to survive online scams by following these few tips carefully. This will keep your money safe from online scams.

Reports of money laundering as a result of online or net banking have come to light recently, with bank account users often discussing money transfers with the lender via email. Somehow cybercriminals (hackers) hack the bank account user’s mail and send their bank account number instead of the original lender. As a result, the bank account user unknowingly transfers money to the cyber hacker’s account instead of the lender. Money transfer to the wrong account or online hacking can be reported to the bank immediately. But as a result of such an event, users are so scared that they do not know what to do. But if you do not want to be a victim of such incidents, there are a few small things to keep in mind- (Recover scammed cryptocurrency)

1. Be the first to verify the company you are dealing with. You can also use Google for verification.

2. Before you check the bank account to which you are being asked to transfer money, check the IFSC code of the bank, the account number starting from which digit.

3. Do not transfer money if there is any doubt.

4. You can call the official call center of the company for details verification.

5. If necessary, the official branch can also be visited.

6. Don’t transfer money based on someone’s email or social media post.

7. Check if the company’s Twitter account is verified.

8. Be sure to take screenshots of all the transactions.

9. If for any reason you have sent money to the wrong account, report it to the bank as soon as possible.

10. Check if the URL of the company’s website starts with “HTTPS”.

Users are often the victims of online banking or net banking fraud because hackers are introducing their bank executives to account holders. As a result, users trust the hackers’ process and send money to their accounts. The real reason behind this kind of incident seems to be that the bank account holders are not verifying any details. (Report stolen cryptocurrency)

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