Discover detailed instructions on football betting [Tricks]

Football betting is an entertainment that is loved by many sports fans. However, to successfully search the bridge, it is a big process and not easy. Therefore, you need to accumulate a lot of betting experience to make sure you win. The following article, will reveal and guide you to effective bets. Please refer to this content to avoid unfortunate losses in football betting.

1. Overview of bets and football betting odds

Setting is a fairly familiar term in the betting world. However, for rookies, there are still ambiguities about this concept. So right below, we will explain in detail about each detail for you to understand.

Odds Explained

Any bookmaker has a general rule that: The team in front is the home team and the away team is the team behind. The percentage of multiplier points is shown in detail as follows:

The odds column that appears when betting shows which team is on top and which team is on the bottom. When the number 0 appears on any team’s side, it is the top team and also the handicap team.

The point multiplier ratio of the two teams will vary depending on the match and the time it takes place. It can be 1.0, 0.84, 0.9 or 0.98… This ratio means that if the player bets 100 coins, if they win the bet, they will receive all 100 coins. Similar to 0.9 means that when a player places 100 coins, they will receive 90 coins when they win.

In the event that a member loses a bet, all of the points that were initially wagered will be forfeited.

There is a special case that there is a sign (-) in front of the scale number, such as -0.9, -0.85,…

Photo 1: Football betting odds

Odds example

For you to better understand the odds in football, please refer to some specific examples between the Liverpool (Home) and Chelsea (Away) match:

Ratio 0:0

With this ratio means if the match ends in a draw. The player who chooses any team will also be returned by the dealer. When choosing one of the two winning teams, the player who chooses the team will receive bonus points proportionally.

Example: The match between Liverpool and Chelsea when the home team is 1.0, the away team is 0.9. At this point, the number of winning points if Liverpool wins will = 1.0 x bet points. Conversely, if you bet Chelsea, the number of points won when Chelsea wins is equal to 0.9 x bet points. ( Choi ca cuoc )

Ratio :0

Take for example the Liverpool vs Chelsea match and take Chelsea as the handicap. When the game ends in a draw and you choose Chelsea, you only lose half of the points. And when you choose Liverpool, you will get half of the points. In case Liverpool or Chelsea win, when the player chooses the winning team, they will be rewarded according to the correct odds.

Ratio 0:½

It is still a match between Liverpool and Chelsea and Liverpool is the left half handicap team. The home team (Liverpool) ratio is 0.97 and the away team (Chelsea) ratio is 0.93. At the end of the match with a draw and if you choose Liverpool then all bets will be forfeited. If the member chooses Chelsea, they will receive a score = 0.93 x set point. In case Liverpool win and you choose this team, you will receive a bonus of 0.97 x bet points. If Chelsea wins and the player chooses this team, they get bonus points = 0.93 x setpoints.

Ratio :0

For example, with the match between Liverpool and Chelsea and Chelsea accept 1 half to eat. In case Chelsea only wins by 1 goal difference, you only get half of the points. Specifically, if the home team (Liverpool) ratio is 0.7 and the away team is -0.8. The member who chooses Chelsea will win bonus points = ½ x bet points and if Chelsea lose, they also lose ½ x bet points.

In case of a draw or Chelsea lose, if the player chooses Chelsea, they will lose the number of bets = 0.8 x bets. For member who chooses Liverpool, if this team wins then you will get score = 0.7 x set point. And when Liverpool lose, when you choose this team, you will lose all bets.

Photo 2: Odds

Detailed explanation of the percentage of total goals

The term Total Goals (TSBT) means the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. For example, the match between Liverpool and Chelsea with a score of 3-1, the TSBT in that match is 4.

The percentage of total goals is counted as more than the total number of goals or possibly less than the TSBT in that match.

If the player predicts that the match has a higher TSBT than the odds offered by the dealer, the player will have to choose Over.

If the player predicts that the match has a TSBT less than the house’s odds, the player will choose the Under. ( Choi ca cuoc )

Example: The ratio of TSBT in Liverpool vs Chelsea match is 2

When a player predicts that the match will have more than 2 goals, he will choose the upper hand. You will win the bet if the TSBT of that match is more than 2 goals (such as 1-2, 3-1, 1-3, 3-0, …)

When a player predicts that the match will have less than 2 goals, he will choose the bottom. You will win the bet if the TSBT of that match is less than 2 goals (such as 1-1, 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, …).

2. Method of betting odds

Currently, at bookmakers, there are many types of bets for players to choose from. Typically, Asian rafters, European rafters, parity rafters, scorers, etc. To make the right choice, you need to note the following important information:

The professional quality of each player playing, that is in terms of skills, injury situation, suspended players, etc.

Team performance.

Which team is the home team and which team is away?

The rankings of the two teams at the time of the bet.

The weather of the match, rain or shine,…

Historical record of the recent matches of the two participating teams.

How is the coach of the 2 teams?

Photo 3: Secrets of betting odds

So we have finished learning all the information about football betting. Hopefully, the details on how to guide the betting odds that we shared above will help you win easily. Quickly register an account with reputable bookmakers to satisfy your own passion for sports. Good luck.

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