Humayun Faridi has not been there for ten years

Humayun Faridi is an equally influential actor in all branches of stage, television, and film. Today, February 13, marks the 10th anniversary of the absence of this legend. On this day in 2012, he suddenly migrated to the land of no return. Every year on 13th February, everyone celebrates the festival of Falgun, but there is a void in the minds of his fans.

Humayun Faridi was a powerful actor. He used to portray his character so wonderfully that even the audience would get lost in the magic of that performance. Although he played the role of Khal with Dapat, his performance in the positive role was also incomparable. Not only in movies, but also in television dramas and on stage, audiences flocked to see his performances.

This actor had seduced people just by acting. He is called the actor of the actors, the ideal artist. Who was not a fan of his expression, laughter, personality! To many, the story of his personal life is also quite inspiring. Magazine

Humayun Faridi was born on 29 May 1952 in Chuaria village of Tumulia union in Kaliganj upazila of Gazipur district. His father’s name is ATM Nurul Islam and mother’s name is Begum Farida Islam. He is the second of four siblings. Humayun Faridi’s real name is Humayun Kamrul Islam.

The war of liberation started in Bangladesh while he was studying at Dhaka University. He also joined the war. After the war, he completed his studies in independent Bangladesh from Jahangirnagar University. This is where his acting talent developed. Leaving aside the complicated theory of economics, he took initiation in drama theory from Selim al-Din. While staying at Jahangirnagar University, he got membership of Dhaka Theater. The colors of his acting spread from this theater troupe. He was the drama secretary of the student parliament of the university.

He made his acting debut in Selim Al Deen’s Shakuntala. In 1972, he acted in the play ‘In Search of Blue Design’. It was his first television drama. Since then, he has acted in popular dramas such as ‘Broken Sounds Can Be Heard’, ‘Sangsaptak’, ‘Two Brothers’, ‘Winter Birds’ and ‘Nobody Elsewhere’. He became famous for his role as ‘Kankata Ramzan’ in the famous Sangsaptak drama aired on Bangladesh Television.

Faridi starred in Tanvir Mokammel’s 1972 short film Hulia. She made her film debut in Sheikh Niyamt Ali’s Dahan (1975). He won the Bacchus Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film.

In 2004, Faridi starred in two films based on the liberation war: Humayun Ahmed’s Shyamal Chhaya and Taukir Ahmed’s Jayayatra. This year, she won the National Film Award for Best Actor for her performance in Maternity Films.

In the nineties, commercial film director Shahidul Islam played a negative role in Khokon’s ‘Terror’, ‘Day laborer’, ‘Birpurush’ and ‘Laraku’. After that, the character of the villain gets another dimension in the domestic film. The situation was such that once people would go to the theater to see him instead of the hero. Shahidul Islam Khokon put Faridi in 25 out of 26 films including ‘Bishwapremik’, ‘Abduction’, and ‘Dussahas’. His latest movie is Meherjan. She starred opposite Jaya Bachchan in the 2011 film.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Natangan, Jahangirnagar University authorities honored him on the occasion of the fortieth day of the establishment. He received the late Ekushey Padak in art in 2016.


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