Wood was washing cups and plates before changing fortunes in the IPL

At 12 noon on 12 February, it was not even 12 o’clock. The reason why the trip has been delayed, it has just ended. Mark Wood has settled in the Lucknow Super Giants after a tense episode in the IPL auction. The new IPL franchise has spent Rs 75 million for the English fast bowler. 8 crore 50 lakh rupees is not bad to hear. But to understand how much this figure will really change their lives, we need to know the figure of Sarah Pound.

It is not the job of a normal human being to be able to convert the rupee into pounds on the face. The Woods couldn’t do that, but they both knew in advance that life was going to change. Just before life changed, Sarah called Mark, who was busy washing dishes, to watch TV.

The moment could have come earlier. English fast bowlers can bowl at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. At present, among those who can do this, Woodie can reach the most regular 150 km cut. There is always tension in the IPL with such pacers. Wood was also supposed to be in the 2021 IPL. But Wood’s name was cut short by the England team’s preoccupation with the biological defense.

Attention to the national team has paid off. If any English cricketer can return to the country with his head held high in this year’s Ashes, it is Mark Wood. He did not play all the matches, but he is the most successful bowler in England with 18 wickets. Marnus Labushen of the confusing footwork has also been overpowered by the great pace. He has increased the benefits of the agreement with the board. IPL changed my life.

Wood had a base price of Rs 2 crore in the IPL like last time. The plan was to get out of the house by 10 a.m. local time to decide his fate, ‘We were going out for the weekend. I didn’t go to a wedding when I was in Australia, that’s what I was going for. ‘

But on the first day of the auction, something unexpected happened. Conductor Hugh Admids fell ill. The auction is closed for about two hours. As a result, the plan changed a bit, the conductor fell ill on stage and our departure was delayed. The auction also changed the routine of her two-year-old son, saying, “Harry was supposed to sleep in the car, but he fell asleep on the couch before my name was mentioned in the auction.”

Wood was arranging to wash the cups and plates to use the extra time. At this time his name became. Wife Sarah couldn’t even call him properly, lest the boy wakes up, “I remember Sarah screaming – whispering again,” Come back now. ” I was then putting the plate in the sink for washing. The start of the auction was very slow. Suddenly the speed increased and the number started rising. ‘

It stopped at Rs 75 million while riding. Coach Andy Flower’s interest in working together in the England Lions (England A team) took him to Lucknow. When the auction stopped, Wood still couldn’t believe it, “When it was all over, Sarah asked,” How much is it in pounds? ” I may have to freeze all my accounts so that it (the auction money) is not lost. We are very happy. It’s a very strange experience. It seemed like a computer game, almost unbelievable, like a change of football manager’s team. But when the agreement is signed, then you realize how real it is. ‘

The 32-year-old Wood wants to improve his preparations for the 2022 T20 World Cup by playing well in the IPL. Based on Sarah’s question, it can be said that a contract worth 8 lakh 35 thousand pounds is taking responsibility for her future financially!


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