How to control your Twitter experience

Twitter is a place to connect with your community, see the world around you, and share ideas and information. To help you control what you see and what others see about you, Twitter provides tools designed to maintain the best parts of that experience, so that you can express yourself confidently on Twitter.

We’ve made it easy for you to take action on a tweet. ap on the icon on top of any tweet directly from your home timeline to induce fast access to choices like Likes, Cancel, Mute, Block, Report, and a lot of.

Follow canceled

One of the easiest steps you can take is to stop following someone else’s tweets on your main timeline. If you change your mind, you can always follow an account again. You can access this option from the icon in the tweet.

Filter notifications

The timeline in your notification displays your contacts, likes, retweets, and what you’re currently doing with other Twitter accounts. If you receive unsolicited replies and mentions from non-following accounts, you can filter out the types of notifications you receive.

Show less frequently

When you mark a tweet as less frequent, it helps Twitter better understand the type of tweets you want to see in your main timeline. We may use this information to refine and prepare your experience for the future. You can access this option from the icon in the tweet. Fresh Bazar


Muting another Twitter account means you won’t see the tweets from that Twitter account in your timeline. This is a great way to stay connected with friends, even if you’re not interested in seeing all their tweets. Muted accounts are not notified to you that you have muted, and you will receive notifications when they mention you in their tweets and send you direct messages. You can mute accounts you don’t follow so you don’t see their tweets in your notification timeline.

Muting is no different than blocking or canceling a follow-up. There is no way to tell which accounts you have muted that you are muting them. You can access this option from the icon in the tweet. You can also mute tweets with special words, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags.


When you block an account on Twitter, you limit the ability of that account to communicate with your account. This can be an effective way to manage unwanted conversations from accounts that you do not want to be hired.

The accounts you blocked will not be able to see your tweets, the list of people you follow or your followers, the list of tweets you liked, or when you logged in to Twitter, and you will receive a notification referring you directly from those accounts. No. You will no longer see their tweets in your timeline

If the account you have blocked tries to view or follow your profile, they may notice that you have blocked them, but they will not receive any notification that you have blocked them. You can access this option from the icon in the tweet.


If you believe an account or tweet is in violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service or our Terms of Service, please notify the account by reporting or tweeting us. You may report violations that include: abuse, sensitive media, privacy, and spam. There are a few steps you can take to report, but your report will help us make Twitter a better place for everyone. You can access this option from the icon in the tweet.

You see the tweets to control the media.

If you decide that you would like to see a media alert that may contain sensitive information, this includes the Tweet Media option in your privacy and security settings. Your settings provide warnings as usual, but you can change the settings at any time.

Control what others see about you

Save your tweets

Protecting your tweets suggests that your tweets can solely be visible to your followers. In addition to protecting your tweets, you control your Twitter experience: every time someone wants to follow your account, you have the option to accept or decline their request.

The accounts that followed you before your tweets were saved will continue to follow you (which means you don’t have to approve them again), but you can block them and prevent you from following.

Tagged in photos.

This can be a great way to stay connected by tagging friends in photos, but you might want to keep your Twitter experience more personal. You can choose to tag photos with any person, not just friends or anyone else.


Finding friends and acquaintances on Twitter can be an incredible experience for you, and using your email address or phone number we can easily help you make those connections.

However, you may prefer to find friends and acquaintances without our help, and this way you can easily adjust your settings to find your account.

Sharing information about your location on Twitter

Twitter lets you choose to include your location in each tweet. When you share your location, you allow followers to comment and work on something or recommend a location, but there is also a risk of sharing your location publicly. Since you are not familiar with all of your followers, it is good to be aware and think about what you want to share with everyone.

Media settings

You can flag/mark your own tweets as likely to be sensitive media-related so that others can see a warning before the media is displayed.

Find out what information you are providing to third party applications

Other companies have developed different applications to expand your Twitter experience. Before connecting to third-party applications, be sure to visit their website and familiarize yourself with their terms of service.

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