Murad Hasan: Tareq Rahman’s daughter indecent remarks, BNP demands resignation of state information minister

Opposition BNP has demanded the resignation of State Minister for Information Mohammad Murad Hasan for making indecent and racist remarks about Tarique Rahman’s daughter.

However, Mr. Hassan told the BBC he had made no mistake in his remarks.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the ongoing criticism, a leaked telephone conversation has spread on Facebook, where an actress has been heard making obscene remarks and threatening a person.

Listening to that person’s voice, he seems to be Murad Hasan. However, Mr. An attempt was made to contact Hasan but no statement was received.

Criticism of statements:

Mr. Jaima Rahman. Hasan made obscene and racist remarks on a Facebook live. Most are not disclosable.

But there he was heard to say, “My face is very bad.”

Later on Saturday, in a TV talk show, he attacked another BNP leader and spoke. Hassan.

At one stage of the discussion, Murad Hasan commented that former BNP MP Syeda Asifa Ashrafi Papia was ‘mentally ill’ and needed ‘treatment’. At that time a heated argument broke out between the two.

These two incidents have been widely criticized on social media for the past few days. Even Mr. Hasan’s party, known as a staunch supporter of the Awami League, many on Facebook. He was criticizing Hasan.

What Murad Hassan told the BBC:

Earlier, Jamalpur-4 MP for various statements came up for discussion. Hassan.

He told the BBC that Tareq Rahman’s daughter had spoken to him in “dirty language” before speaking.

“She is one year older than my daughter. The filthy language that trolled me when I was as old as my daughter is unthinkable. It seemed very sad to me. I got a lot of pictures of him on social media. “

In the context of appearing on the talk show and attacking BNP leader Syeda Asifa Ashraf Papia, Mr. “If you watch that program, you may perceive why I aforesaid that,” Hassan aforesaid..

“I am a doctor. As such, I have stated my observations about him. I am sorry if that’s wrong.”

However, Syeda Asifa Ashrafi Papia said that if Murad Hasan had been a truly elected representative, he would not have been able to make such remarks from a responsible position.

Murad Hasan, a doctor by profession, is a central member of Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad (Swachip), an organization of pro-Awami League doctors, and a central committee for eliminating the assassins and brokers of 1971.

In the government formed after the Eleventh Parliamentary Election, Murad Hasan was first given the charge of State Minister in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Later, in May 2019, he was appointed Minister of State in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. (Fresh Bazar)

Asked if he would admit or withdraw the statements being criticized, he said: “There is no question.”

Mr. Hassan also told the BBC that despite various criticisms of his statement, there was no pressure on him to withdraw his statement from the party or the government.

Demand for the resignation of Murad Hasan:

Opposition BNP has strongly protested against indecent and racist remarks made against Tarique Rahman’s daughter.

The party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam said he had to resign to apologize.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and 40 women’s rights activists have issued separate statements protesting the state minister’s statement.

“The current government claims that they are women-friendly,” the women’s statement said. How can a person who can’t speak with the least respect for women still hold office? ‘

The women’s side has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to take action in this regard.

Earlier, Moinul Hossain, a former adviser to the caretaker government, had to go to jail for making harsh remarks aimed at a negotiator.

However, the state minister said. There has been no public response from the party or the government to Murad Hossain’s statement.

Lack of accountability to the people is the main reason:

In Bangladesh politics, harsh remarks aimed at opposition parties or leaders are nothing new or fancy. In particular, the leaders and activists of the major parties are regularly throwing tears at each other.

But how good is it for the political environment for people with important constitutional positions to get involved in such matters?

When asked, political analyst and writer Mohiuddin Ahmed told BBC Bangla, “The society of Bangladesh is actually misogynistic and racist. The leaders of our political parties are not above this. That’s why we often hear fanatical comments from them. Many of us have a racist attitude. “

“But here a government minister or state minister representing the government, who has taken an oath in accordance with the constitution, is a violation of the constitution. They get the courage to say such things only when they are not reprimanded for saying such things, but are rewarded. ” Ahmed says.

Mohiuddin Ahmed says, “I often think these are baseless comments, but they are not. It is not only the people of the Awami League who do it. We have heard such comments from BNP leaders in the past or now. In fact, they have become so reckless that they have no responsibility to the larger population. “

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