Zahra is the world’s first hijabi skater in Forbes magazine

Over the past few years, women’s participation in international sports events in the Middle East has been on the rise. Overcoming hundreds of adversities and obstacles, many of them have left their mark of success.

Zahra Lori is one of the internationally known female athletes. This Arab female skater has gained a good reputation in figure skating. Not only that, his name as the world’s first hijabi skater has already become a part of history. This time the world famous Forbes magazine recognized his success.

Zahra has written her name in Forbes Magazine as the first hijabi skater in the world in international sports. He is ranked in the top 30 list of the magazine. This has been reported in the news of ‘Middle East Monitor’.

Zahra Lori, a young woman from the Middle East, was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Adolescent Zahra’s dream was to build a career in figure skating. But overcoming family, social and cultural barriers was a daunting task. Although he overcame that obstacle with great difficulty, he faced obstacles from the judges while participating in the European Cup competition held in Italy in 2012 after wearing hijab. This was his first international competition.

The judges even deducted a few points from Zahra’s score for wearing the hijab. The matter gave rise to quite a discussion at that time. But Zahra did not give up and continued to try to find a solution. Nike, a sportswear manufacturer, has created a hijab-friendly skating dress for her.

In 2016, Zahra Lori took part in the figure skating competition after wearing hijab as the first woman in the international arena. But this time he did not have to face any obstacles. Rather, he was admired in the international arena.

In an interview, Zahra said, “I am not Zahra Lori without hijab.” My hijab is my part. When I took part in the competition for the first time after hijab, I did not think that I would face any problem for this. I was young and the whole focus was on the game. ‘

I was overwhelmed and I wanted to show the world that Muslim women in the UAE go no less. ‘

Zahra said that she is skating after hijab to inspire Muslim women. Finally, her name appeared on Forbes Magazine’s list of the top 30 female leaders this year.

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