Here are some simple ways to stay healthy

Thinking of paying more attention to your health in the new year?

You may think that by doing regular yoga, walking, controlling the sugars and fats in your diet, you will be on the path to health.

But if it is suddenly said that there is no need to do so much with hard work, only one thing should be done. What do you do then?

Surely you will follow that process quickly?

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.

  1. Look at the desires of your mind

People think about the health of the body all the time. And it is easy.

But the University of Exeter, a teacher of sports and exercise. “We need to pay special attention to our own minds,” said Nedine Sammy.

According to him, it is possible to increase our control over the mind by increasing self-awareness.

Dr. Sammy said that self-awareness is a thing that helps people to recognize their own emotions, feelings and desires more intimately.

According to him, people can pay more attention to their health and safety by recognizing their feelings.

The more accurate and deep one’s perception of oneself, the more one will know the aspects of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, it became possible to overcome his own weaknesses. Sammy.

  • Can feed dogs

A pet dog will keep you engaged in more physical activity than going to the gym or running in the morning to stay physically active.

Eberistwith University Department of Psychology teacher. Reese Thatcher said Jim might be a good solution for some. But that is not for everyone.

So in this case, a dog can be the best way.

Because if the dog has to walk at least 30 minutes twice a day, then you will walk by yourself. And in this way the body and mind will be protected through daily walking.

  • 30 items of vegetables and fruits per week

A research fellow at King’s College London. Megan Rossi said, you don’t just have to eat more vegetables and fruits. It is important to have different varieties.

Dr. According to Rossi, if you eat 30 different vegetables and fruits every week, it is very good for your health.

We have a bacterium called microbiome in our stomach. These bacteria have a profound effect on human health.

So in this case, Dr. advised to eat as many herbs and vegetables as possible. The rope.

  • Smile more

Dr. James Gill says people should try to be happy.

Now the question that may come to your mind is, is it any more chatty to be happy? Or can you be happy if you want?

In this case. Gill’s answer is, it is easy to be happy.

He suggested smiling more as an easy way to be happy.

  • Get enough sleep

Yes, adequate sleep has been mentioned.

An adult needs an average of 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

But if the sleep deprivation continues, it has a very negative effect on the body.

Exeter University Sport and Health Science teacher. Gavin Buckingham says that sleep deprivation harms a person’s cognitive function or learning new things.

The negative effects of sleep deprivation, even in the case of decision-making, the person suffers from hesitation, he said. Buckingham.

Therefore, there is no substitute for adequate sleep to protect the health of body and mind.

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