What is a computer? How does a computer work?

Computer which is widely used and very important in daily life. Due to the current era of information and technology dependence, the demand for it is increasing day by day. What is a computer for most people? Even if you know about it, how does the computer actually work? Many people are unaware of its types and usage. In today’s post we will discuss them in detail. Let’s find out.

What is a computer? (Computer):
A computer is a device that can perform mathematical calculations very quickly by following specific instructions. The word computer comes from the Greek word “compute”. The word compute means to calculate. And the word computer means calculating device. But computers are no longer just calculators. A computer is a device that receives information and analyzes and presents it through various processes. At the root of the development of civilization and its rapid progress at present is the strong influence of mathematics and computers. The first computer came to Bangladesh in 1984.

Who is the father of computer?
Scientist Charles Babbage gave the first idea of ​​making a computer. In 1833, he planned to build the first mechanical computer called Analytical Engine and designed the engine. Today’s modern computers are based on his designs and computers. Charles Babbage is called the father of computers because he had the idea of ​​a modern computer in his design of this analytical engine.

John von Neumann, on the other hand, is said to be the father of the modern computer. He is an American mathematician of Hungarian descent. Newman is a pioneer in the use of operator theory in quantum mechanics. He has contributed to many fields including set theory, geometry, flowing dynamics, economics, interactive programming, computer science, statistics.

What is the name of the world’s first computer?
The world’s first computer is called ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). This is the first digital computer to work with programs. From then on, the computer generation started.

During World War II, when the U.S. military planned to build a fully electronic computer, computer giants such as Von Newman, the father of modern computers, Presper Eckertie Jr., and Herman Goldstein, joined the Moore School of Electrical Engineering and the University of Pennsylvania. Forty scientists operated this three-walled computer in an underground chamber of fifty feet by thirty feet.

How does a computer work?
Computers usually perform a combination of two mediums. Discussed with examples below.

First, hardware: All the devices, parts and devices that have the external shape of a computer are called hardware. Computer hardware can be further divided into three parts.

A) Input equipment: keyboard, mouse, disk, scanner, card reader, digital camera etc.
B) System unit: hard disk, motherboard, AGP card, RAM etc.
D) Output equipment: monitor, printer, disk, speaker, projector, headphone etc.

Second, Software: A program is a series of instructions arranged in computer language for the purpose of solving problems or performing tasks. Software is the program or set of programs that make the hardware work by creating a relationship between the computer’s hardware and the user. Computer software can be divided into two main parts.

A) System software: System software successfully maintains the coordination of work between different units of the computer and successfully employs the ability of the computer to execute practical programs.

B) Application software: A program used to solve practical problems or process data is called application software. A variety of programs designed to solve practical problems are available as commercial products, also commonly referred to as package programs.

Use of computer: –
People use computers to improve their work. So the use of computer is increasing day by day. The following are the different types of computer use: -Office management

In the field of education
In the case of industry
In the medical field
In the case of agriculture
In research
In the military field
In data statistics
In design
In the printing industry
In the communication system
In the banking world
In culture and entertainment
The court
In the money market
Weather forecast

In a word, computers have a lot of uses. Its immense use in various fields starting from housework to business, scientific etc. Above all, it has brought a unique revolution in the field of communication. It is also a unique partner in medical and human welfare. In a word, a computer is a device that is capable of doing almost everything.

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