iPhone 12 mini, is a revolution in the world of small size phones

Many people do not like big phones. He has multiple reasons. From the difficulty of keeping it in the pocket to the difficulty of holding it in hand, there are many things on that list. But those who want to use small size high end phones, they have a lot of difficulties. That’s why the iPhone 12 Mini came on the market.

This phone has a 5.4 inch Super Retina display (1080 * 2340p). Apple A14 Bionic with four GB RAM. Two cameras at the rear end and one camera at the front. There is a 2227 mAh battery. There is the facility of first charging. The phone will have the default iOS 14 operating system. The total weight of the phone is 135 grams.

Experts say that this phone can be convenient for three types of people. For those who like small, those who have small hands, for those who have been using iPhone SE or Five S for so long, this is perfect. Those who want to buy an iPhone 12, but do not want to spend more, but if the iPhone is small, their work is gone, they can buy it. And if you want to differentiate yourself from others, you can buy it. For those who are fond of small screen size, those who want to use a slightly different phone can buy this phone.

Users say it easily fits in the hand. Even, can be grasped with the finger, it is so small. However, as its screen size is aged, it is more beautiful to look at. And this is the difference with the iPhone 5 or 6. It weighs 30 grams less than the iPhone 12. As a small phone, it is not less stylish. Users say this phone reminds them.

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