Ways to do makeup at home

Ways to do makeup at home:

Who doesn’t like to do makeup! I want to make myself unique on all occasions, be it birthdays or weddings. Many people want to be smart just for fun without any reason. But that is why it is not possible to run to the parlor from time to time. That is why it is necessary to make the house a parlor.

But for most girls, the correct rule of makeup is obscure. As a result, it is not always possible to get the desired results if you apply makeup at home.

At one time I also had a lot of doubts about makeup. How to do it – before foundation or primer, where the blush on the face and where contouring, I could not understand.

Are you thinking about things too? Do not dare to do make-up on your own due to hesitation?

But get rid of all doubts now and read the whole article immediately. Find out how to get the perfect makeup look at home. (Fresh Bazar)

Rules and steps to apply makeup at home:

It is mandatory to follow 4 steps to get good results by applying makeup at home:

Face preparation for makeup

Face makeup

Eye makeup

Lip makeup

Set up makeup at home

Face preparation for makeup:

The method by which the face is prepared before the start of makeup is called face preparation. Take a look at the following steps for face preparation.

Step 1: Scrubbing

Scrubbing can be done first for face preparation. Scrubbing is really necessary to smooth the skin by removing dry, black, or whiteheads and sunburn spots. In the case of makeup at home, scrubbing can be done very easily while sitting at home.

To make a homemade scrub, mix tok dai and oatmeal powder with papaya Kantha. Now massage in a circular motion and after a while wash with cold water.

You can also make a scrub by drying the orange peel and mixing it with 1 tablespoon of honey.

Note: Never massage your face too hard or with a scrub. If you have acne, use scrub very carefully.

It is better not to scrub around the eyes. Because the skin of this part is very thin.

Try using fruit juice with any powder when making scrubs. The skin will be clear as well as bright.

Massage should not be done for more than 5 minutes with any scrub. Because the less time it takes to scrub, the better.

In case of scrubbing, keep an eye on dry, oily, or combination skin. Because the type of scrub can be different according to the skin type.

Step 2: Use facewash / cleanser

Massage your face with an adequate amount of face wash or cleanser and rinse with water after a while. This will remove the dust and oily feeling of the skin.

The dirt on the skin separates the makeup from the face. Due to this, the makeup does not fit the look properly. Also, since makeup is an art, the art must be on a clean, shiny canvas.

Note: Not all face washes or cleansers are suitable for all skin types.

If your skin is oily, use a gel face wash/foam cleanser. This will take away excess oil from your skin.

If the skin is dry, use a cream facewash/cream cleanser. This will keep your skin hydrous and moisturized.

Step 3: Use toner

Using a face wash/cleanser alone does not completely clean the dirt deep inside the skin. So toner is used to complete the work of cleaning the face.

After washing your face with face wash or cleanser, you must dry it well. Then a small amount of toner should be poured into a cotton ball. Care should be taken so that the toner does not absorb too much of the cotton ball. Then gently apply the toner all over the face. Apply toner well on the side of the hair and on the hairlines and wait for about 2 minutes.

In addition to cleansing the face, toner is able to give more benefits to the skin. For example, shrinking the pores of the skin to prevent the entry of dust and dirt, creating an additional layer of protection on the skin, maintaining the pH balance of the skin, and keeping the skin smooth and tight.

Toner is very important for perfect makeup. But many people give more importance to cleansing and moisturizing for face preparation but skip the middle step i.e. toning. And this is where perfect makeup comes in handy. So get rid of toning.

Note: Toner should be used in such a way that it does not get around the eyes or in any way.

Before using the toner, wash the cotton ball in hot water and squeeze it well.

Absolutely refrain from rubbing the skin while applying toner.

Step 4: Use a moisturizer

Use a moisturizer on the face and neck after using toner. Massage in a circular motion with a small amount of moisturizer on the fingers and stroke upwards.

It will prevent dryness of your skin and smooth the skin as well as reduce the impression of age. The main function of a moisturizer is to moisturize dry skin. It makes the skin soft and smooth from the inside so that the makeup can sit well on the skin, the makeup is long-lasting and at the same time, the risk of acne is no more as the makeup cannot enter the pores of the skin.

Note: Use a sun-resistant moisturizer. This will prevent dryness of the skin as well as protect the skin from the harmful rays of sunlight.

Do not apply pressure on the face while using moisturizer. Also, refrain from rubbing.

Use a water-based moisturizer for normal skin, a liquid moisturizer for oily skin, an oil-free moisturizer for acne-prone skin, and a cream moisturizer for dry skin.

How to do face makeup or facial makeup

If you do makeup at home, face makeup comes at the beginning. Then comes eye makeup and lip makeup. The eye and lip makeup can be done in a very easy and perfect way if the face is arranged properly before. Follow these steps to apply face makeup while applying makeup at home.

Step 1: Primer

Not without using a primer to perfect makeup. This creates a layer between the skin and the makeup, which keeps the skin free from the effects of the makeup.

It is also important to use a primer to add extra radiance to the skin, prolong makeup and cover any blemishes on the face.

Rules for using primer:

Apply a small amount of primer on different parts of the face and massage with fingers. At the same time apply primer on the forehead and neck. You can use colored primer as needed. You can use a green primer to remove the redness of the skin, a purple primer to remove yellowness, and a pink primer to brighten skin.

Note: Select the primer according to the skin type. Mattifying or salicylic acid-based primer for oily skin and gel-based primer for dry skin.

Choose a primer that is compatible with the foundation. If the foundation is water-dependent then a water-based primer should be selected.

Step 2: Concealer

Concealer is used to cover dark circles under the eyes, dark spots on the face or redness of the skin.

To remove dark circles, draw a triangle with concealer under the eyes and blend with a brush or sponge.

Apply concealer and massage around the nose to cover the redness.

To cover dark spots on the skin, apply a small amount of concealer on the spots and blend with a small concealer brush.

Note: When using concealer, make sure that it is not too light for skin color.

Use orange / yellow concealer to cover dark circles or dark spots on the face. You can also use pitch tones.

Use green concealer to cover the redness of the skin.

Step 3: Foundation

The foundation is well known to almost everyone, young and old. Not without using it to create the perfect texture of the face. It helps to get the desired skin tone by covering the skin blemishes and increasing the radiance and radiance of the skin.

Rules for using the foundation:

Apply the foundation on the fingertips and apply it on the face and neck.

Then blend the foundation with a wet sponge. When using a wet sponge, the foundation blend becomes smoother as the extra foundation sticks to the sponge.

Always give a downward stroke or a downward stroke to blend the foundation using a brush.

After use, set the foundation with powder.

Note: The foundation is pink and yellow in two tones. Besides, the foundation has different shades. Therefore, before buying, make sure that any type of foundation is suitable for your skin. Again for oily skin need to use a matte foundation.

Primer, concealer, and foundation should be used 5-10 minutes after use.

Never blend foundation by hand.

Never use powder to set the foundation. Use a light brush with a powder brush.

Step 4: Contouring, Blush On, Highlighting

After doing makeup many times alone at home, I felt that the natural look of the face is no more. I didn’t know much about makeup because I didn’t know much about it. Later I realized that after using the foundation, there is no color difference in different parts of our skin so the real look of the face is no longer available. Contouring, blush-on, and highlighting help to restore the natural look of the skin by creating a variety of shades.

Rules for contouring, blush on and highlighting:

Contouring, Blush On, and Highlighting Rules In the case of contouring brush with a little bronze powder brush just along the jaw or cheekbones. Pull the bronzer to the side of the ear and from there brush the hairline on the forehead. Then brush the bronzer on both sides of the nose.

After contouring, use blush on. When you smile, brush the blush on the part of your face that is swollen from the bottom to the top and pull it up to the ears. Blush should be used on the front side of the jaw contouring.

After contouring and blushing, apply the desired highlighter lightly on the jaw bone, nose bone, along the middle of the forehead, and on the lips with a small brush. This is the last and most important step in creating skin shade.

How to do eye makeup or eye makeup

The beauty of the eyes beats all the beauties of the world. Sitting at home can make the eyes more attractive with the touch of perfect makeup.

The steps of eye makeup are mentioned below in stages.

Step 1: Ivory

Use light-colored eyebrows to straighten eyebrows. Clear the eyebrow line using concealer.

Step 2: Eyeshadow

Choose eyeshadow according to skin color. If your skin color is pale, then choose red, blue, purple, pink. If you have fair skin, choose colors like Golden, Copper, Mixed Brown. You can use one or two of these colors. And yes, you must apply eye primer on the eyelids before using eyeshadow. This will ensure the correct color and longevity of the eyeshadow in your eyes.

Step 3: Eyeliner and Kajal

Use eyeliner and kajal to get the right eye shape. Using eyeliner or kajal in the right stroke will enhance the beauty of the eyes a lot. Almost everyone chooses black in this case. However, if you want, you can also select blue, green, or any other color eyeliner or kajal.

Step 4: Mascara

Use mascara to make the eyelids look bigger and thicker. You can use mascara primer before using it. Also, apply 2-3 drops of mascara to make the petals look thicker.

Rotate the brush from bottom to top to make the petals look bigger and wrinkled.

Rules for lip makeup or lip makeup:

We all know lipstick. However, doubts remain as to how well you are recovering this evening. Without further ado, let’s get to know the exact steps of the lip evening.

Step 1: Lip liner

Many people do not want to use lip liner. But to bring the right shape of the lips, it is necessary to draw the lip line with the lip liner. It will not spread out while applying lipstick.

Its application is very common. First, draw a lip line with a nude set liner. Then draw the lip line with the lip liner to match the shade of the lipstick.

Step 2: Lipstick

Select lipstick to match the dress or outfit. However, it is better to have a light shade of lipstick.

Before using lipstick, you must apply lip primer on the lips. This will ensure the correct color of the lipstick after use on the lips and at the same time, the lipstick will be long-lasting.

Start applying lipstick from the middle of the lips. This will reduce the chances of spreading lipstick.

Brush a light powder on the lips to bring a matte feel to the lipstick or apply light pressure on the lips with a tissue.

Makeup setup at home

After learning how to do makeup, learn how to set up makeup. Once the makeup is set, you don’t have to worry about the makeup getting up or getting sweaty.

In this case, you can use makeup setting spray. Spray the spray 3-4 times on the face and neck from a distance of 8-10 inches.

Note: Use a setup spray of matt finish for oily skin and a dewy finish for dry skin.

Make no mistake about removing makeup at the end of the day:

First, remove the makeup with makeup remover then use facewash/cleanser. Don’t forget to use a facewash/cleanser without removing makeup.

Last word – makeup rules

Properly coated, it’ll stand up to an excellent deal of adverse conditions. If you do makeup without following the rules, everyone will think that you are sitting on your face with a lot of flour!

You know the right way to do makeup at home. But this time it is not the wrong evening! Parlor or what else is needed? By following the rules, you can easily fix the makeup problem at any time by sitting at home. It will save money and time, as well as you will be able to master a wonderful art!

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