Yellowstone on the way -2

After breakfast we all set out on the way from the mountainous Utah to Yellowstone. We will spend the night in Jackson, a small tourist town in another national park. There will be a five-hour drive from Utah. Until then I see nature. The boy decided to drive. We are admonishing him. Sometimes the slanting words towards the girl do not stop. We are like that, one after the other. And I like to catch each other’s mistakes. Most of the time it is a prank. On either side of the road, hills and mountains in front; However, these are a bit green! Cattle, horses, crop fields, and some of Salt Lake can be seen in the valley. After two hours in the new state of Idaho! After picking up lunch there, I am walking again, I like the landscape of the road very much. Here the landscape changes according to the environment. So far no plants have been seen on the side of the road. On the way I see a creek on the side of the road, a small stream of water flowing.

Then began the hill of the Pine Corner, six and a half thousand feet high, and it was understood that we were passing through another National Forest. As soon as you come down from the hill, there is a beautiful valley and there is a game of light and darkness. The thing that I like about America is that no one bothers anyone unnecessarily. I don’t know if they have less curiosity like our people, or prefer to be like themselves! However, they do not hesitate to help if needed. Do not expect retribution. That is the education that we have not learned even as Muslims. It is un known at this moment what he do after leaving post. Even one Indian helps as much as he can for his fellow Indian. I rarely see patriotism and patriotism like Indians. This comment is for the sake of the people of my country.

After crossing Idaho, the mountains of Waoming, the valley, and the small town of Jackson, the afternoon had passed. After freshening up at the hotel, the children decided to stay at the hotel. Maybe the little Jackson Tourist will visit the nearby town next to the hotel if he wants to and pick up food for everyone from the nearby grocery store if needed. The two of us will be heading to Teton National Park in Wyoming until then. We didn’t even realize when we had passed two hours to see the mountain range on the side of the road and the valley in the middle of it. The girl said, food has been ordered. I told him we would pick him up on the way back. The girl and I went back to the hotel as it was getting late and I went for a walk and brought food. Faithful Thai food! For the extra spicy boy. After eating, I thought I would walk to the front park. The kids walked there in the afternoon, eating ice cream as well. I also walked back to the hotel to eat ice cream from the ice cream shop next to the souvenir shop while walking.Now go to sleep.

I have to go again tomorrow morning. Destination Montana Yellowstone National Park! Although most of the park is in Wyoming. The distance is not much, but the drive will take time as we will be able to walk through the park and also visit Teton National Park before that. The minimum is five hours and since I will stop at the bend of the road, more.

Luckily everyone drives and the kids are interested in driving on this ride. For the first time we are passengers in the back seat. The main attraction of Teton is the Cathedral Mountain, a range of scenic hills. Scenic road drive. Seeing people riding bikes, I decided to rent a bike. It seemed to me that I could not ride a bicycle. Everyone else is pro. They don’t count on me at all. So he dropped the thought!There are also Lake Jenny, Lake Jackson; Bootride can be taken if desired. If you want, you can spend a week looking at the natural beauty here. We took the scenic route here and headed towards Yellowstone.We are walking through the mountains on the horizon, there is no settlement for miles after miles. Occasionally there is a burning sensation. Cows and horses are eating grass. We had to stop in one place, to talk to the cows! Seriously! We stopped for the cows. What we see them, they are surprised to see us! From there I came through another national park! When I see the valley below from six thousand feet down the hill, I look fascinated. You have to stop to enjoy the beauty. On the way we enter Yellowstone on the banks of the Yellowstone River and over the hills, this time in Wyoming.

The first stop after two more hours. Old Faithful Geyser! Kids say geyser! There is no mask on anyone’s face here. Hope everyone is vaccinated here! Following the people, we reached the desired spot. The whole park has a wooden plank walkway around Old Faithful, so that no one steps on the ground above the volcano. Row rows of bench leaves.Luckily I got the first row seat, right in front of the main geyser. The kids are hungry and Bhagyas has a food shop here. I see they have vanished! When he returned, he found a personal pizza packet in his hand. Nah, I got peace of mind because I didn’t forget. I had lunch with my daughter sitting in front of Old Faithful. Feelings are different! Here the internet drops in the forest, meaning we will be isolated from everyone in the world most of the time for the whole week. Old Faithful throws a stream of hot water into the sky once every hour. When we arrived, the next shore was half an hour left. As soon as I finished eating, I saw that there was no place to store sesame in the vicinity. And the geyser has started throwing water! I have to be shocked to see this geyser being thrown into space for a minute. Seeing the springs of beautiful water on the road again. As I watched the smoke and water play from thousands of small corners, I saw a lot of people in a few places. I will not stop today. Destination Gate Montana at the end of Yellowstone. That’s where our next hotel is. And the journey? Great!

My mind gets lost in the curves of the pine corners! With mountains, rivers; Not to mention Marshland – I said! After two more hours of seeing this beauty, we arrived in the beautiful little tourist town of Madison, like the picture in Montana. Our hotel touches the entrance of Yellowstone. After checking in, father and daughter went to the city to do Reiki. We mother and son are at rest. Woke up to tell you what to eat for dinner! Tourist Town, there is no shortage of food. As soon as I returned with the order, I saw that they had left with food. Whoever thought of that food, ordered it. Bhagyas Veto is Chinese for Bengalis, Thai is also here. American food too. After eating, we decided to drive around. Where else? Yellowstone! After walking for a while, I stopped at the Madison River. We had to go every evening to the place that was in the evening sky. Sitting on the river bank, walking wooden road, shallow clear river water, feet can be submerged if desired! Wild rose, bunch of lavender.

Enough to get lost. Nature-loving people like me need nothing more. Of course with some favorite people. But even if a bear attacks, it takes someone to save it. The boy gave me a lesson, mother, I have to pretend to die if the bear attacks! Don’t let him know that I’m really scared to death. As soon as there was evening light, I said, let’s drive a little longer, if we can see the animals.Needless to say, I saw a herd of deer in the open courtyard of the next bend. Seeing them filled my mind that evening. After spending some time there, I saw that it was 10 o’clock at night. At home, I have to go back to the hotel! Tomorrow is the day to visit Yellowstone. The break is like today.

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