Too thin? Follow these five tips to gain weight…

The campaign to be lean all over the world now! So today we are getting a lot of laughter in writing? But some people will benefit quite a bit. There are many who want to gain weight. Those are more lean than necessary.

If the body is too thin and dry than necessary, it looks very bad. Not all dresses fit. I tell them, don’t be upset, we have the solution to your problem.

  1. Appropriate diet plan:-
    Eating too little so that the body feels. But nothing is working! This is because you are not eating the right food at the right time. For example, start the morning with nuts and raisins. Wood nuts are good. Soak the wood nuts and raisins the day before. Eat at the dental table in the morning. Make it a daily routine.

With nutritious food. Vegetables, fruits, as well as lamb. Eggs should be eaten more. They contain fat and protein. Among the vegetables, it is better to eat more potatoes and pumpkins.

Eat honey mixed with milk just before going to bed at night. It also works very well. It is best to eat a nutritious meal just before bed.

  1. Do not eat again and again:-
    Do you think you will gain weight by playing again and again? No, it would be the other way around. Don’t eat too little again and again, eat more when you eat. Playing on the stomach will reduce the metabolism in the body. Which is the first condition to get fat.

And if the weight is very low, the amount of food must be increased a little. Those who stay at home, after lunch, get a little sleep for 1 hour. As long as the weight is not increasing. This will also increase a bit. And do not wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. Have breakfast in an hour.

  1. Exercise:-
    Want to be fat in a healthy way? Then exercise. Go to the gym. Some exercises help to gain weight. Such as push ups, dumbbell shoulders, yoga, jogging, bench press etc. Do these at least three days a week, even if not daily.

It is needed for well-built muscles. When going to the gym, the gym trainer will give you the right training. If not, do it at home. You will also get hungry after exercising. You can eat more.

Have a light breakfast one hour before exercising. And if you want a little heavy breakfast, do it three hours before. You can eat toast, boiled eggs, a glass of milk. Or a bowl of oats.

  1. More protein calories:-
    The list of foods should be high in protein and calories. For this, more nuts, fruits, meat, butter, cheese. Especially wood or cashew nuts add very good weight.

I told him about breakfast. At noon rice, curry, pulses, yogurt fish or meat. If it is not possible to eat rice, bread can continue.

Do not leave the stomach empty even in doubt. One glass of milk or sandwich. And at night you have to eat like lunch.

Also, as long as you do not gain weight, you can eat home-made oil-fried food. But not too much.

  1. Not fast food:-
    Eating too fast food to gain weight? But it is doing serious damage to the body. Increases the amount of bad fats in the body. Increases fat. So gain weight in a healthy way, not harming the body. So eat less fast food on the street. However, it can be eaten occasionally. But not too much.

So don’t be upset about getting sick now. Start eating these rules today. Do not stress unnecessarily with the skinny. Do these regularly. You’ll be happy to see yourself in the mirror for two months.

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