A student at the University of New South Wales has recovered his lost hair in just three months, even with full university money!

Sini: – Jessica Powell, a student at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, without spending a penny !! Lost hair is back. Jessica is studying nutrition at that university, and Jessica decided for her university research project to figure out how to regenerate men’s and women’s hair. It would be appropriate to use university funds for this. According to Jessica, “the most expensive thing in the search was to find out exactly which ingredients worked. The university paid for the whole thing. But the final product cost only  30.”

“For the last three years, I have been losing hair and looking for solutions. I have also used some products rich in minoxidil, ginseng, etc., such as Rogaine, Nizoral, but did not get the expected results as the product manufacturer claims. I am 20 years old and unmarried, preferring to travel. Spending time with friends, going to the gym regularly, and finishing my degree, but still losing confidence in what I was looking for. And to find a natural solution to it. Then I understood the issues more clearly when I reviewed the difference between synthetic drugs and natural herbal remedies. Shampoo with the right amount of natural extract and ingredients. “- Jessica Powell

Since then, Jessica has shared the results of her research with her dear friend Kelly, who has been battling baldness or hair loss. The two reviewed all the products in the market together with the results of his research. Then I got a nice and moderate combination of natural ingredients ‘Hair Surge’ which is tested and free of side effects. The results of this natural herbal shampoo on Kelly’s hair were found to be better than Jessica’s.

We sat down with Jessica to find out more about how she came to know about ‘Hair Surge’ and how she succeeded in combating hair loss so quickly.

Sini: Was hair surgery expensive for you?

Jessica: Thanks, it wasn’t really expensive at all. First of all, I was given permission by the university to use and review all the previous research and projects in this field. And the university lab was open to me. I thank my supervisor and the university for this. . My university bears the full cost when I work on my project. . Personally, it cost me only ৩০ 30, when I ordered Hair Surge Shampoo online for use.

Sini: What to look for before buying hair shampoo? And why ‘Hair Surge’! Can you explain that?

Jessica: I would say that when you buy shampoo to get your hair back, remember that most shampoos do not work. Things to keep in mind.

1. Verify ad claims: Don’t buy products just by looking at gorgeous ads. Use caution when using the drug or chemical-based products. Find out if you have an American FDA certificate. The safest way to do this is to use shampoo made from the right natural ingredients and find products that have a lot of positive feedback, such as hair surge.

2. Find active ingredients: One thing to always remember is that no shampoo will work without proper and active natural ingredients. One such ingredient is caffeine. Caffeine works directly on cells so it has been proven to be life-long.

3. Ketoconazole is the king: I will discuss ketoconazole in more detail later. Just remember that shampoos that do not contain this natural ingredient will never help your hair grow well. Because of the DHT sensitivity in follicles, and ketoconazole is proven to prevent it.

4. Previous research: Previous research says that one of the reasons for hair loss or loss is the lack of biotin and zinc. The right amount of it is important to get the hair back. A moderate combination of these minerals and vitamin B-6 shampoos (such as hair surge) is very effective.

5. Natural and Organic Vitamins Are Healthy Ingredients – Ingredients should include essential oils, minerals, and vitamins. I found the right combination of these nutrients, essential oils, and other non-artificial herbs only at Hair Surge. It also contains a fruit called Sao palmetto, which is incomparable in preventing hair loss by controlling the natural enzyme five-alpha-reductase.

After 30 days, I started to get back the thick locks of my hair and my confidence as well.

Why is hair surgery so effective?

Hair Surge is made of completely natural ingredients which have many exciting properties. It combines with caffeine and other selected natural extracts to increase instant hair growth and hair regrowth by more than 200%.

How to use shampoo? Need to do something special?

Answer: Shampoo should be used in a very normal way. For healthy, thick hair growth, shampoo should be applied to the scalp every day for 5 minutes before bathing. Then rinse well with normal water. Nothing more is needed. “The shampoo formula works better for Kelly’s hair than mine,” said Jessica.

First month:

I started using hair surge in July and applied daily as directed. The shampoo does not cause any discomfort or itching or burning of the scalp. I know that hair grows slowly so for the first month I followed the instructions and tried to be patient. But to my surprise, at the end of the first month, my hair loss started to decrease dramatically.

2nd month:

In the second month of my use, the amount of hair on the sides of my head and palate was fully felt. My girlfriend ran her finger through my hair and said that my hair volume is longer and it is full enough. For the first time she said that my hair looks attractive. Yes. It feels really good. I went for a haircut this month because my hair was growing fast. The second month I used regularly is complete. I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. My eyes almost blinked with joy: the thick black hair was pressing against my scalp, I thought it was possible too. The harmful effects of DTHA and hair surge were blocked and a new cycle of hair growth began. After more than 3 years of excessive hair loss, my hair was cut in half, I am very happy to get my hair back!

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