The strangest sports in the world that you won’t believe exist

We are all familiar with popular sports such as football and wrestling, but there are also strange sports that until we see them, we will not believe that such competitions are held in the world. بهترین سایت بت Stay with us until the end of this article as we introduce you to some of the strangest sports in the world, some of which are very interesting and some of which are silly and funny.

1. Bog Snorkelling

This sporting event is a 120-yard (approx. 110 m) swimming competition in a groove in the middle of a marsh or marshland. In this sport, you are only allowed to walk and there is no mention of the usual swimming movements. The sport started after a conversation in a bar and since 1985 its annual championships have been held in Wales.

2. Bossaball

Baseball is the result of combining volleyball, soccer and gymnastics with music, capoeira and Brazilian beach culture. This game, which originated in Spain, was played for the first time in 2005. In baseball, 2 teams of four compete against each other on an inflatable and trampoline playground.

Filip Eyckmans, a former Belgian tennis player who became interested in soccer, invented the game after traveling to Brazil while living in Spain. He wanted to capture the mood of the Brazilian beach with athletic elegance and physical skills. Currently, baseball is played in more than 20 countries on 4 continents.

3. Cheese Rolling Competition

This small local event in Gloucester, England has gained international fame for its high speed, intensity and number of injuries. This game was first played in the 15th century and has simple rules. Contestants chase a round piece of Gloucester cheese that rolls down a hill, and the first person to reach the bottom and catch the cheese wins.

A 3 to 4 kg cheese rolling down Cooper’s Hill can reach speeds of 112 km/h. This annual event was held at the end of May for locals only. But now people from all over the world participate in this competition.

4. Dog surfing

Dog surfing began as a popular pastime in California and Hawaii in the 1920s. In this competition, dogs can surf alone or with their owners.

Some surfing dogs have become stars, appearing in movies, TV shows, magazines, and newspapers. Dogs were so good at surfing that humans decided to hold competitions and judge their skills based on balance, wave size and length of surf.

5. Throwing eggs

According to the World Egg Throwing Federation, this game started in the 14th century. An English monk was the only person in the village who had chickens. He would give people 1 egg to encourage them to attend church. When the flooding of the river prevented people from attending the church, the monks threw eggs at them and this game was born.

Since then, people from all over the world have been participating in the egg throwing competition for fun, show off and cash prizes. In 1978, a man from Texas set a world record with a throw of 98.51 meters. This record was not broken until 1999. This year, Guinness stopped recording the record. Currently, the World Egg Throwing Federation maintains world records. The current longest distance is 71.2 meters, recorded in 2013 by the Irish 2.

6. Extreme Ironing

This strange sport, which originated in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in England, was first performed in 1980. Played individually or in teams, this game is part performance art and part adventure as people iron their shirts in different places and in silly ways.

The idea was born when an Englishman, influenced by his brother who used to iron clothes on camping trips, decided to iron clothes in strange places such as airports, on top of telephone booths and on top of mountains. What started out as a stunt turned into a documentary about the first World Ironing Championship in extreme conditions. Ironing in difficult conditions has led to the formation of other strange ideas such as playing the cello in difficult conditions.

7. slap

Slapping is nothing new, but the slapping contest is a new and strange phenomenon. The origin of this competition is Russia and it was held for the first time in 2018. In this match, 2 men take turns slapping each other until one of them submits or falls to the ground.

8. Far Leaping

Some of the strangest sports in the world are formed out of necessity, randomly or both. Long jump or long distance javelin is also one of these sports. The Netherlands is located below sea level and has many waterways. The people of Dutch Friesland used this method to cross waterways.

In 1771, they turned this method of crossing waterways into an informal competition. Almost 200 years later, this sport was organized and its championships, leagues and clubs were formed. Today, thanks to international tourism, this sport has spread beyond the borders of the Netherlands.

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