The bus will go to sleep

He is very tired from working; Or the exhaustion of brick-and-timber urban life. You can take a short bus ride for a few hours. It will not only give you the experience of traveling, but also a few hours of continuous sleep effortlessly. You will be able to return very well.

You will need to travel to Hong Kong to get a variety of services to relieve work fatigue. The bus service provider there is Ulu Travel. Launched on Saturday, the bus will travel around Hong Kong’s Tuan Moon Highway for 48 kilometers in five consecutive hours, carrying passengers around North Lantau Island. At this time the passengers will be able to fall into a deep sleep in the bus. It has all the necessary facilities.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post yesterday, passengers will be able to eat at a restaurant there before the start of the journey. The double-decker bus will then begin a five-hour uninterrupted sleep journey. There will be a quiet silence throughout the bus at this time. To create a sleeping environment, passengers will be given earplugs and light-resistant sleeping masks.

There are two types of cabins on the top floor of the bus — a noise-resistant ‘zero-decibel sleeping cabin’; The other is the ‘VIP Panorama Cabin’. Talking in these cabins is also forbidden. However, the ‘photo-taking cabin’ downstairs has the opportunity to speak in a light voice.

Sleeping on the bus will take a lot of money out of your pocket to relieve fatigue. For each seat, passengers will have to pay from 13 US dollars (a little more than 1,100 rupees in Bangladeshi currency) to 51 dollars (a little more than 4,300 rupees). This bizarre bus ride has become very popular among the people of Hong Kong. All tickets for the start of the journey have already been sold out.

In this regard, the founder of Ulu Travel, Frankie Chou Kam-kei, said that the purpose of their initiative was to serve the passengers in a creative way. The housing crisis in Hong Kong has reached its peak. Many are deprived of the opportunity to sleep uninterrupted at night. They can take this service.

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