How safe is the emergency pill?

Many people take emergency pills to reduce the risk of pregnancy after careless or unprotected sex. No one is advised to consume it, it can be bought in the store. Therefore, without knowing the side effects or the rules of use, women repeatedly buy and take such drugs. This can have an effect on their body. But no matter what you eat, it is better to eat knowingly.

Find out some things:
Another name for the Emergency Pill is Morning After Pill. That means eating it the next morning, not that. The sooner it is eaten after unprotected intercourse, the better it works. Generally, the rule is to eat any time between 72 hours to 120 hours. Fresh Bazar

This pill does not cause miscarriage, only delays ovulation or ovulation. As a result, the sperm is lost in the uterus for so many days without getting a chance to fertilize. This way it reduces the risk of pregnancy. However, sometimes if the sperm is able to survive in the long run, the pregnancy can occur even after taking the emergency pill. Two out of every 100 women can become pregnant within 72 hours after taking the emergency pill.

This is not a long-term or normal contraceptive method. Therefore, if taken in full dose repeatedly, the effectiveness decreases. This increases the risk of pregnancy. Without it, menstruation can become irregular. Vomiting, dizziness, etc. can also be a problem.

Who will eat:
If you do not want to have children in the long run, it is better to take methods like condoms, birth control pills, IUDs, or injections. However, this emergency pill can be considered in some emergency situations, such as if the contraceptive or condom is torn, forgetting to take birth control pills for two days in a row, displacement of the diaphragm or cervical cap, or after a completely unprepared physical intercourse.

Who will not eat:
Those who are already pregnant should not eat after 120 hours or very often.

Although used as an over-the-counter or emergency medicine, each drug has some side effects, which may vary from person to person. So if you want to have a planned pregnancy, it is better to take a suitable method for you on the advice of a doctor. It is not necessary to take such pills repeatedly.

Dr. Farzana Sharmin, Assistant Professor, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, BSMMU

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