How much does the Miss Universe winner crown cost?

Harnaz Sandhu, a girl from Punjab, has been crowned Miss Universe this year. It is the most expensive crown in the history of beauty pageants. Harnaz in the discussion after the crown victory. Because, after 21 years, he brought this title to India. Not only this, with the help of diamonds in his crown there is a lot of discussion going on.
Harnaz defeated competitors from 69 countries in Israel. Only two Indian women have won the title of Miss Universe before the former Post Graduate Government College student from Chandigarh won the crown. Sushmita Sen won Miss Universe in 1994 and Lara Dutt in 2000.

After receiving the title of Miss Universe, the winner has to fulfill some responsibilities. Also available with salary. Harnaz may be shocked to hear about the opportunities that he is currently getting!

The price of Harnaz Sandhu’s crown is about 5 million US dollars, which is about 43 crore rupees. The weight of the crown is one kg. There are 1,625 diamonds in it. Never before has such an expensive crown been made for a contestant. Fresh Bazar

As a winner, he will get various benefits in one year. Harnaz Sandhu will have the opportunity to stay in a luxury penthouse in New York for the next year. Now she is the chief brand ambassador of Miss Universe. As a result of this position, he can get the opportunity to travel all over the world. He has to take part in all the related programs of the organization. Not only that, at this time there will be experts to take care of everything from his clothes to health. Harnaz will get a personal makeup artist for one year. There will be different people to take care of everything he eats, how he takes care of his skin.

I want a lot of money to fulfill so many responsibilities. All the money required for this will be arranged. Besides, his other income opportunities will also increase. Because now there must be a plan to make a movie or advertisement with him.
Harnaz Sandhu returned to the country on Wednesday. He was caught on camera at the Mumbai airport. Many people came to welcome him.

According to Indian media reports, the 70th Miss Universe pageant was held in the Israeli city of Elliot. There Harnaz Sandhu’s name was announced as the winner. Born in Punjab, Harnaz Sandhu went to a civil public school. He graduated from a college in Chandigarh. Now he is doing a post-graduate course in public administration.

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