Habits that arouse feelings of mental aging

Rather than getting old before your age, give up some bad habits.

Age is increasing little by little every day. According to the Globe Health Organization, “By 2050, two hundred billion folks worldwide are going to be eighty or older.”

“We will see a human being live 120 years before the end of this century,” said a report published in Well&good.com, based on a study published in Demographic Research.

There are also problems with longevity, the older you get, the more geriatric diseases you have.

However, the director of the Brain and Language Lab in Georgetown, USA, and Professor of the Department of Neuroscience, Dr. Michael T. Alman said in the same report, “We have seen in the study that the mental condition of some older people has improved. These studies change the way we look at aging. The vast majority of people believe that physical and mental health deteriorates with age. However, some mental issues become more acute with age, which may be due to the long-term practice of those mental techniques. ”

There is no set rule for how the weight of age can bend a person. People can control how easy it is to get old with daily life.

In order to get through the last years of life, some habits need to be eliminated. Otherwise, these habits can make you old in middle age.

Extra television viewing

Watching television at night on a holiday does not mean that you will lose your health. However, it cannot be turned into a habit.

According to a study by the American Heart Association, most of the time spent watching television in middle age, the cognitive capacity of the brain gradually decreases, and the ability to think decreases in old age. This is because watching too much television reduces the gray matter in the brain. Gray matter is important for many other important neurological functions, such as decision-making. “

Priya Palta, a neurologist at New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Irving Medical Center, said: “Watching television is a lazy habit that reduces the cognitive capacity of the brain. Therefore, it is beneficial for the brain to avoid any kind of lazy habit as much as possible. ”

Stay inactive almost all day

Many people know that physical exercise keeps muscles and bones healthy. However, many people may not know that the benefits of exercise can reach the cells of the body.

The study, published in the journal JAMA and Archives, found that “those who are physically active during their leisure time are actually younger than those who are lazy.”

In other words, a lazy lifestyle really makes a person old at a young age, increasing the risk of premature death.

Mayo Clinic’s ‘Anesthesiologist and Physiologist’ Dr. Michael Joyner said, “The practice of doing a little cardio exercise every day can play a huge role in keeping the brain healthy in old age. The effect of this little exercise is to show once again that physical activity and well-being are essential for maintaining the cognitive capacity of the brain. ”

Irregular sleep habits

In the days of epidemics and lockdowns, everyone has been disturbed in their sleep habits. One of the most important tools in dealing with the weight of age is the discipline of sleep and sleep.

According to a study published in the journal Sleep, “A middle-aged person who sleeps less than six hours a day and sleeps more than eight hours a day, his cognitive capacity decreases rapidly. It is possible to increase the age of the brain from four to seven years compared to the actual age. ”

Bad sleep habits also affect the skin.

According to a study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, less sleep leads to faster skin aging.

The study was led by Dr. A.S. Elma Brown said: “Our research is the first to show that irregular sleep habits can damage the skin and leave a lasting impression. The skin of those who sleep less takes a long time to recover from sunburn, the skin begins to wrinkle. ”

Internet addiction

The Internet is definitely a very important part of life. However, like all the good things in the world, excessive use of the internet is also a cause of loss.

Excessive use of computers, mobiles, etc. with any electrical screen, due to excessive use of blue light emitted from it pushes towards premature aging.

So whenever you get a chance to get out of the world of the internet and pay attention to the habit of reading books and writing.

The research author of the Radiological Society of America, Dr. “The practice of reading and writing protects the brain’s infrastructure,” said Constantinos Arfanakis. Simple tasks like reading magazines, writing letters, spending time in the library, playing sports on the field, etc. are very important for maintaining good brain health. ”

Inability to control stress

At present, daily life is very fast and there is a lot of stress. In some areas of life, it is wise to put stress aside rather than solve it.

If the problems are solved, peace of mind will come. However, when there is no end to the problem, it is better to put him aside and take a little rest.

According to a study by Yale University, constant stress can make a person physically and mentally older before old age.

In this study, the researchers looked at the physical changes caused by epigenetics, a chemical component associated with DNA.

A total of 400 people took part in the study. Among those who spent the day under intense stress, the impression of premature adulthood was evident.

The study’s author, Jacqueline Harvanek of the Yale Department of Psychiatry, said: However, this study also shows that it is possible to change this effect by controlling stress. ”

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