Facebook Meta: Can Facebook hand over your ‘deleted’ post to a third party? The claim is on Facebook

With the change of name to ‘Meta’, the old controversy over the user’s use of images came back. Facebook can use users’ photos for any purpose without informing them. It is also being claimed that some changes have been made in the rules and regulations of the net media since the name change was completed. However, some experts say that those claims are baseless.

A post that recently went viral on Facebook reads, ‘The new Facebook / Meta rules will start tomorrow, where they can use your pictures. Do not forget, the last date is today! It could be used in a lawsuit against you. “

The allegations against Facebook, however, are not recent. One such post first came to light in November 2012. Even then, some claimed that Facebook was going to introduce such rules so that the deleted photos of the users could be handed over to a third party if necessary. The post has just begun to re-emerge, with some minor changes. “Under the UCC Act, 1-207, 1-307 … I am imposing protection of my rights,” the post said, accusing Facebook of infringing on its rights. Fresh Bazar

Asking other users to share the post, he wrote, “I am not allowing Facebook / Meta to post my information on their website. Photos, current or past, population, phone numbers, or posts … nothing can be used in any form without my written permission. ‘

Some experts have called the allegations “baseless” and called the original post a “rumor”. Facebook has also branded the post as ‘fake news. Experts say that although the name of the parent company has been changed, there is no change in the services provided by Facebook. It is also written on the ‘Terms of Service’ page of Facebook.

It also states that users have intellectual property rights over the content that they post on Facebook. No rule can take away that right. Experts are dismissing the allegations against Facebook regarding the arbitrary use of pictures and posts. However, no official statement has been issued by Meta in this regard.

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