Excited by Pakistan’s victory, the school teacher got a job in Rajasthan.

Pakistan defeated arch-rivals India by 10 wickets in the World Twenty20 in Dubai on Sunday. An Indian teacher expressed his excitement over Pakistan’s victory against India in the World Cup for the first time. He gave the status through social media. And this is what brought him defeat. In the end, Nafisa Atari, a teacher at Nirja Modi School in Udaipur, Rajasthan, lost her job.

After Pakistan lost to India, Nafisa Babar posted pictures of Azam and Mohammad Rizwan batting on social media. The caption reads, “We won.” He wants to know from Nafisa whether he supports Pakistan or not. Nafisa said she was a supporter of Pakistan. Shortly afterwards, a screenshot of Nafisa’s status quickly went viral on social media. Naturally, it brought a storm of criticism.

The matter also came to the notice of Nafisa school authorities. Last Monday, school authorities announced in a statement in Hindi that Nafisa had been fired. The decision was taken unanimously at a meeting of school authorities, the notification said.

Nafisa, however, claimed that she wrote the whole thing just for fun, ‘I thought it was a funny joke. Because, after I said yes, there was an emoji at the end of the message sent by that guardian. ‘Nafisa then denied the whole thing and claimed that she was a patriot. He never supports Pakistan.

But after so many things, the school authorities did not care. Whatever the defeat, it has already happened.

Former India opener and current BJP MP Gautam Gambhir has spoken in the same tone as the school authorities. He tweeted, “Those who are celebrating Pakistan’s victory are no longer Indians.” Those who are setting off fireworks for Pakistan’s victory cannot be Indians at all. There are wins and losses in the game. Our boys lost today, but tomorrow they will turn around. I am by the side of Indian cricketers. ‘

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