Davy got the price of the experience

Josh Dewey made his county debut for Middlesex at the age of 19. The Scottish pacer is now 31 years old.

Although the speed has decreased at this age, the experience has increased. Davy made a great contribution as he got Oman out for 122 runs due to his experience.

Dewey Oman, who took 3 wickets for 25 runs, picked up Zeeshan Maqsood, who became dangerous in the middle of the innings. Oman captain Maqsood was ‘set’ for the wicket from unbeaten 34 off 26 balls.

He was supposed to be in the marquee naturally in the last over. Davy came in this last over and showed ‘magic’ রেখে he was getting a trap by lengthening the ball with the fielder in the extra cover. Zeeshan out with a catch in the extra cover with his foot in the trap. The next ball is Yorker. Desperate to score, Bilal Khan was run out this time.

Fayaz Butt caught his fourth ball but it became four. After that, the wicket trap in the experience again! Fayaz Butt caught in the cover-point area.

Earlier, in the 16th over, Davy also picked up Suraj Kumar with a great short length slower-bouncer. All in all, Scotland’s 6-wicket win over Oman was a great match for Davy.

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