Coronavirus: Omicron can spread across the country in three to six weeks, scientists say

A Bangladeshi scientist fears that an omicron variant of the coronavirus could spread across the country in the next three to six weeks.

Md Alamgir Hossain, chief scientific officer of the Institute of Pathology, Disease Healing, and Research, told BBC Bangla that people are still more affected by the Delta variant, but he expects more people to be infected due to the high transmission of ammonia.

On the other hand, Bangladesh’s Health Minister Zahid Malek has said that the Ministry of Health has recommended the issuance of restrictions within the next seven days to prevent the spread of the virus.

These announcements of the government came in the context of increasing coronavirus infection in Bangladesh.

Restrictions within seven days:
Bangladesh’s health minister, Zahid Malek, said in a statement that they had recommended the imposition of “urgent restrictions” on the number of microbial infections. He urged to issue it within seven days.

Earlier on Monday, the health minister had said that restrictions would be imposed in the next 15 days to prevent infection.

However, he told reporters after the meeting at the secretariat on Tuesday, “Yesterday’s meeting of the Cabinet Division was supposed to take effect within 15 days. But 15 days is actually a lot more. During this time the disease can spread widely. That’s why we said today, the ban must be enforced within seven days. “

Amicron may spread across the country in a few weeks:
Md. Alamgir Hossain, chief scientific officer of the Institute of Pathology, Disease Healing, and Research, also fears that in the next few weeks, large-scale emissions may spread in Bangladesh.

He says, “In the case of Bangladesh, we see that the incidence of microbial infections in Bangladesh or in our South Asian region is relatively low so far. But since there is a lot of travel in our country (a lot of people travel), it is difficult to stop it by straining in the port.

The virus is changing, said Mr. Hossain said 10 of these infections have been found in Bangladesh. It can increase at any time.

Combining global data and the rapid spread of antimicrobial viruses, he fears that in the next three to six weeks, antimicrobials may spread across Bangladesh.

Alamgir Hossain says, “Now we are getting one or two. But ultimately, in the next three to six weeks, we may see a massive corona outbreak. “

Increased omicron will reduce hospital admissions:
However, the scientist speculates that not all of them may need to be hospitalized, even if the antimicrobial infection increases.

“By analyzing the global data, we hope that the number of hospital admissions in Amicron (even if infected) will be less,” he said.

So far, Delta-type corona infections are spreading, he said.
Reviewing the rate of Amicron infection in different countries of the world, he said that in other countries, the rate of hospitalization or death is less even though Omicron is a mild infection. But at the same time, if there are too many patients, it will put a huge strain on the country’s health system.

ASM Alamgir, Chief Scientific Officer, IEDCR, says, “We are talking about home isolation for such mild patients. But not all people in Bangladesh have the opportunity to be at home in isolation.

“Another thing is that no matter how mild the virus is, for those who are older, who have different types of diseases, any mild virus can be dangerous,” he said. Therefore, the elderly people and those who are affected by various diseases, need to be extra careful so that Amicron cannot attack them. No matter how mild, it can be dangerous for them. ” Says Mr. Alamgir.

He advised me to be careful and follow the health rules.

The steps that health officials are asking to take are:
Health officials in Bangladesh say the health ministry has recommended measures such as transporting passengers in half-seats in vehicles, wearing masks indoors, and restricting social events.

“We want to keep the country safe, let the country’s economy be normal. Everyone has to work according to the health rules, ” he told reporters after the meeting at the secretariat. Malek.

Earlier on Monday, Health Minister Zahid Malek said a number of issues had been decided at the preparatory meeting to prevent amniotic fluid.

One of them is to take the ticker certificate with you when you go to any restaurant. If the ticker certificate is not taken then the restaurant will also be fined.

Seven hundred new coronavirus patients were identified in Bangladesh on Tuesday. As a result, the daily detection rate has reached close to 4 percent.

In the last 24 hours, 65 patients have been identified in Bangladesh and 8 have died, the health department said in a statement.

So far 15 lakh 8 thousand 915 Kovid-19 patients have been identified in Bangladesh. 26 thousand 6 people have died.

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