Cannabis Hash: Its Types and Potential Benefits

Cannabis hash, more commonly known as just hash, is the most potent form of cannabis prepared by processing trichomes – the portion of the plant most rich with terpenes, CBD, and THC. Trichomes are fine hair-like outgrowths that are present in certain species of plants.

In literal terms, the hash is derived from the Arabic word “hashish,” which means grass. Hash can come in different colors, from green to dark yellow, reddish-brown, and sometimes even black. Because of the high concentration of THC in the hash, it is formed as bricks or balls and can be turned into a paste-like waxy substance.

What are the Different Types of Hash?

Traditional Hash

Traditional hash looks like dark brown balls with a greasy film. The traditional hash separates the flower’s trichomes from the plant matter with hands or dry-sifting the flowers on a screen. These trichomes are then rubbed together, rupturing some of the glands and creating thick balls. 

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is made by washing the trichomes off the (flower)buds with ice-cold water and filtering them through a fine micron bag. They can differ in consistency, from pressed and sticky to a dry powder, and in color from almost black to light tan.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and Solvent Hash

Butane hash oil and solvent hash oil are made using solvents – such as butane, alcohol, hexane, or CO2 — which take out the flower’s compounds. BHO and solvent hash can look like crumbly wax, liquid oil, or glass-like shards called shatter. 

To make Butane Hash Oil or solvent hash, the flower of marijuana is exposed to the solvent, which discharges the marijuana’s essential oil, which is packed with terpenes and cannabinoids. These compounds provide marijuana flavors and effects. The oil is then heated in a vacuum to evaporate off the solvent, leaving a highly concentrated hash. 

Potential Benefits of Hash

Cannabis hash has certain potential effects on a consumer, including mental relaxation and euphoric pleasure. However, cannabis is used for medicinal purposes as well. You can buy hash online and get the following benefits:

Relieve Cancer Pain

Cannabis hash can aid in mitigating cancer pain. Patients undergoing chemotherapy should consume cannabis as it may lessen the pain and the side effects of radiation, such as vomiting, nausea, and anxiety.

Reduce Aging Symptoms

With age, the human body has to undergo various changes, such as being more sensitive to pain and feeling pain of more types. Medical cannabis may help senior individuals to deal with these aging symptoms.

Ease Chronic Pain

Medical cannabis hash consumption is considered ideal for chronic pain cases. Patients with chronic pains have claimed that cannabis hash has proven to be an effective treatment.

Improves Mental Health

Medical cannabis can potentially be a therapeutic treatment for people dealing with mental health conditions. In addition, medical cannabis can also boost certain mental functions such as creativity.

Relieve Migraine

Some migraine patients claim that they have experienced fewer migraines after using these medical cannabis products. So it is also an effective treatment for people with migraines. However, research suggests that more validation of this belief is needed to establish this benefit as a medical fact.

Cure Arthritis

Cannabis products may help in relieving arthritis pain and have been claimed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis patients who have attempted a medical cannabis treatment have reported pain relief and improvement in sleep.

Hash has innumerable benefits and is widely available across Canada. The key is to buy hash online from a genuine supplier to avail of all advantages that hash has to offer. Buying hash from genuine sources and getting them shipped from its origins to your doorstep is the most reliable way to ensure the best quality of hash. 

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