11 Reasons Why ‘The Alienist’ Is Our Favorite Psychological Thriller

The Alienist is a psychological crime period drama which might not have gotten enough hype, but is one of the most well scripted and perfect storylines. There are more than just a few reasons that we love this TV show so much. Well, first of all, if you haven’t watched it don’t read this because there are spoilers ahead, and secondly, the TV show is super gruesome so don’t watch it if you are fainthearted. Thirdly, and lastly, we will discuss here some of the major reasons why we love ‘The Alienist’ as a psychological thriller. So, read along and find out what makes it special for us.

  1. Setting

One of the major reasons why we love ‘The Alienist’ besides all other reasons is the great setting. The setting sets the tone and mood of the TV show and adds depth to the storyline. The setting plays a major role in the story because it revolves around the slums and lower class. Apart from that, the setting also represents how psychologically challenged individuals were in mid 1890s. The show also discusses New York back in the day when there were no skyscrapers, or Empire State Building.

  • Feminism

The TV show is set in the 1890s when no one could imagine working in the police department. The protagonist of season 2 and also a main role in the first season, Sara Howard is the first lady to work in the police department. Her character is based on a real life detective of that time detective Goodwin. Not only does she have to work there, her character shows how women were objectified and belittled back in those days and it was not easy working in such social circumstances. The second season completely revolves around Sara investigating the murders with her help of her friends, even under dangerous and life threatening situations. Her character is a true inspiration and super empowering for a lot of us.

  • Reality and Fiction

Similar to detective Goodwin, there are several real life characters that are in the story. Teddy Roosevelt was a real commissioner who worked in the New York City Police Department, and financier JP Morgan. Similarly, there are several instances in the story that are based on real life historical people and events.

  • Character Development

Be it Dr. Lazlo Kreizler, John Moore, or Sara Howard, or the alienists, since the TV show is a psychological thriller, all characters have flaws and their own inner fears that make them the way they are. The TV show discusses each character’s back story and reason of being the way they are and that is what makes the character development more observable and super interesting.

  • Great Criminal Psychology

The character of Dr. Kreizler is of the alienist, and he psychologically analyzes the criminals. Dr. Kreizler studies and analyzes in depth the patterns and reasons that people commit crimes. The best part about the TV show is how Kreizler and his team hunt down the criminal through his patterns till the very end of the TV show. If we talk about the first part, along with his crew’s help, the thing that plays a major role in tracking down the criminal is his research regarding the criminal’s patterns. This is what makes the show suspenseful and thrilling as well. If you love suspenseful psychological crime TV shows you will love this one. Although it is gruesome and disturbing, it has a great storyline and concept. If you want to learn more about this TV show and criminal psychology, all you need is a good internet connection and TV. For a good internet we suggest trying out Fixed Wireless Connection. You can check out ISPs that provide this service at Buytvinternetphone.com. The connection is great for you if you live in a remote area, or your internet connection is not stable enough. This kind of a connection is best if you use internet a lot.

  • Concept of Alienation

The concept of alienation in the old times have been explained so well, especially when Dr. Kreizler analyses the villains, the most alarming part about them is that they are the most normal looking and normal acting individuals. The villains don’t look like they might have the potential to take innocent lives. This unique take on alienation explains us a lot of things and how society as a whole can go wrong in so many levels and all of us are somehow responsible for the things that might go wrong with some people. The TV show discusses how these criminals have slipped from society and their own rightful nature because of society’s own slip up.

  • Gruesome

We don’t think we need to elaborate on how incredibly graphic and gruesome this TV show is. If you are someone who takes interest in TV shows that are ruthless, thrilling, and gruesome, you will love this psychological thriller as it crosses all limits of being cold-blooded.

  • Great Cast

Besides all other great things about this TV show one thing that we love is the great cast. The main cast is Daniel Bruhl playing Dr. Kreizler, Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard, Luke Evans as John Moore, Douglas Smith, and Mathew Shear as Marcus, and Lucius. Apart from that, all other actors have done justice to their characters and played them well. Especially Rosy McEwen as Libby Hatch with her deceiving looks and characters.

  • A Little Bit of Romance

Well, no TV show is complete without a bit of a romance. What we loved about the TV show was how there was constant romance and chemistry between John and Sara, but they never really got to it till the end. The triangle keeps going when in the end Sara chooses to live independently as John finds out that Violet is pregnant. Sara distances herself and John gets what he always wanted, a family. While the ending may be bittersweet, it is oddly satisfying.

  1. Classism Explained

One more thing about the TV show is that due to its setting, it also discusses how classism was a big issue back then. It connects to the murders and is represented more through John Moore and his relationship with his fiancé Violet Hayward whom he is afraid to leave because of her rich and powerful father.

  1. Forensics in the 1890s

Well, no crime show is complete without a team of forensics. Our favorite part about the show were the two Jewish brothers who were super nerdy and cute forensics helping Kreizler and then Sara with their investigation. The way they worked on the forensics and investigation was incredible and taught us a lot. It is fascinating how the two brothers played the role of intelligent forensics.

Well, if you also love psychological TV shows that might blow your mind, we are sure you will love this TV show as it is suspenseful, mysterious, thrilling, gruesome, and has the most incredible storyline. Details news here asapstory.com

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